Vitamin D for Psoriasis: Benefits, Uses, and All You Need to Know

World Psoriasis Day is an annual opportunity to educate people and make them aware about the medical condition and its impact. It was observed in more than 50 countries on October 29. Organised by the International Federation of Psoriatic Disease Associations (IFPA), World Psoriasis Day aims to improve access to treatment.

This year the theme for the day is you are #NotAlone. The autoimmune condition is not a contagious skin disease. It results in the rapid build-up of skin cells. It causes cells responsible to maintain immunity, mistakenly attacking it. While multiple combinations of medications are taken by people suffering from the disease to treat the condition, an increase in dose of vitamin has proven to significantly check the symptoms.


Vitamin D has many benefits that may help treat psoriasis. Deficiency in the vitamin has been linked to psoriasis possibly impairing the ability of the body to keep the skin healthy.

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