Wireless Therapeutic Eye Massager

Reduces eyes sags & dark circles. Enhances eyes brightness & relieves dry & itchy eyes. Gets rid of eyes strain & activates skin around the eyes. Prevents glaucoma & Cures blurry vision / shortsightedness.

Vulva Steam Detox Machine

It Detoxifies & eliminates unpleasant odor in the vulva region. It curbs infertility & hormone imbalance. Eliminates bacteria infections & hemorrhoids in the vulva region. It relieves stress.

Bio Pulsera Quantum Energy Bracelet

It increases muscular endurance. Calms mental state. It slows down aging when used consistently & it ends fatigue. Prevents auto-agglutination. Helps regulating blood circulation. It helps boost immunity & endocrine system.

Pulse Slimming / Stroke Therapy Massager

It modulates physiological mechanisms. Activates cells. Improves immune system. Increases lymphatic flow for toxin removal & reduce chances for stroke, PMS/early menopause.

Bio ION Foot Detox Machine

Health Benefits It enhances the body’s own natural detoxification abilities & enables the body to remove heavy metals resulting in: A stronger immune, a reduction in chronic pain & inflammation, prevention of diseases, weight loss, Increased staying power, Enhanced lymphatic Read More …

Dip Chin Station Exercise

Product details Become a stronger version of yourself with the Standard Bench with total 20kg total Weight Set. This features an adjustable 3-position bench that is compact and easy to assemble so you can get your workout started right away. Read More …

Weight Adjustable Dumbbells Set

EY FEATURES Great for home or studio workouts Great for physiotherapy exercises Grips easily in sweaty hands Materal;Solid coated cast iron 2 pieces 2kg each


Product Description 1. Massage, sit-up, 2 dumbells 2.Display Readout: blue LCD .Calories. Heart Rate. Speed.Time.Distance.etc. 3.Motor : 2HP peak power 4.with 2 speakers.amplify USB and SD. MP3 connection.ear phone jack. 5.Speed Range: 0.8-14.8 km/h 6.incline: manual incline 3 levels. 7.Running Read More …

Eliptical/Orbitrac Bike -4 handle

Product details Exercising obn this four handled bike helps in the Increased supply of oxygen /nutrients to cells throughout the body. Blood circulation is improved.The strain on the heart is eased through the normal return of blood to this vital Read More …


Product details Indoor cycling is an ideal exercise to improve your cardiovascular system. Your heart and lungs make up your cardiovascular system, and the fitter you become, the more efficiently they work. Consistent cycling improves blood flow throughout your body Read More …


Crazy fitness machine shakes off fat in the entire body and keep you healthy and fit.


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